Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs)


In June, 2010, the CNSF Board of Directors created a Practice Guidelines (PG) Committee to develop recommendations on how to deal with requests to endorse best-practice guidelines. On November 02, 2010, the PG Committee affirmed that the endorsement of Clinical Practice Guidelines is an appropriate role for the CNSF and considered a set of criteria and processes that had been drafted based on the principles and policies developed by the Canadian Stroke Network for its “Stroke Strategy”. 

The Practice Guidelines Committee concluded that under present circumstances, the most feasible role for the CNSF and its constituent Societies will be to encourage and support the development of best-practice guidelines by other groups such the Affiliate Societies and, if requested, to consider the endorsement of these guidelines, recognizing that:

  • Clinical Practice Guidelines are being increasingly used by policy-makers, accreditation bodies, and governments as well as clinicians, 
  • The processes for developing best-practice guidelines have evolved from being consensus documents prepared by “experts” to guidelines based on evidence-based analyses and qualitative grading techniques, 
  • Endorsement of practice guidelines by the CNSF and/or the constituent Societies will require a process that takes into account these contemporary standards for guidelines development and implementation.


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