Canadian Association of Child Neurology (CACN)

Mission Statement

  • To promote the advancement of knowledge of the sciences pertaining to the development of the nervous system from conception to adult life;
  • To advance knowledge of diseases of the nervous system in children;
  • To stimulate prevention of neurological disease; and
  • To foster improved treatment and care of young people with neurological handicaps.

The Canadian Association of Child Neurology has approximately 125 members representing pediatric neurologists and pediatric neurology residents in Canada.  The CACN Board of Directors manages the business, initiatives and finances of the CACN. The board also appoints CACN member representatives to sit on various CNSF committees including the Professional Development Committee and the Scientific Program Committee. The CACN President and Vice President also serve on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation (CNSF).  

Benefits of Membership

As a member of Canadian Association of Child Neurology you are automatically a member of the Candaian Neurological Sciences Federation. Learn more about the Benefits of CNSF Membership.

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