Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation (CNSF)

Mission Statement


The improved wellbeing of children and adults with diseases, disorders and injuries of the nervous system and the prevention of these conditions.


To support the neuroscience professions in Canada, and particularly those members of the CNSF’s Societies, through education, advocacy, membership services and research promotion.


Excellence in Education

Continuing professional development is a cornerstone of the success of the individual practitioner, the profession and the member societies. Accordingly, all of the CNSF’s educational efforts must reflect excellence in their quality, relevance and delivery.

Representative and Inclusive

The CNSF is a federation of Societies representing diverse and collegial medical professionals with a common focus on diseases, disorders and injuries of the nervous system. Accordingly, the CNSF must reflect and engage these Societies and their members in how it works and what it does.

A Strong and Effective Voice

The wellbeing of individuals with diseases, disorders and injuries of the nervous system and, where possible, the prevention of these conditions, comprise an important vision. The work of the member societies and their respective members is also important. The CNSF must advocate with a strong and effective voice knowing that its mission and vision have unique and important value to society.

Responsible Stewardship

The CNSF’s financial resources are secured from the dues paid by the professionals of its constituent Societies and from commercial sponsors who support its vision and mission. The CNSF has an obligation to the professionals of its constituent Societies to manage these resources wisely, maintain good governance practices, and conform to the standards established on behalf of society by the responsible agencies (e.g. governments, the RCP&SC, provincial and territorial regulatory bodies).


CNSF members belong to one, or more, of our five constituent Societies.

The Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation (CNSF) is an umbrella organization representing five National Specialty Societies. These organizations form the ‘membership’ of the CNSF and share a common interest in the functions and disorders of the brain and nervous system.

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Our Associate and Affiliate Societies

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Affiliate Societies


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The Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences is the official publication of the five Member Societies of the CNSF. The CJNS is a widely circulated, internationally recognized, peer reviewed medical journal, available through Cambridge Core.


We host an annual Canadian Congress geared towards the continued professional development learning needs of Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Pediatric Neurologists, Neurophysiologists and Neuroscientists. We have also created an opportunity for Members and Congress delegates to visit our sponsors and exhibitor online.


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